Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Parody in the NFL has been hard to find this year with point margins increasing and the division between the good and bad teams is huge. The strange thing is that there have been some surprises namely Cincinnati and Denver for the good teams list and Tennessee and Carolina for the bad teams list. So let’s have a look at the bad teams because everyone is talking about the good teams.

1. Chicago Bears- Wow, did anyone see this coming? How about Cedric Benson? Talk about payback. Where was Jay Cutler? The Bears defense? Matt Forte? Why is no one answering? Hey Bears you better figure it out or the Lions will beat you!

2. Atlanta Falcons- Going into the week we all felt that this game would be one of the best and then the Falcons went cold, very cold. Now everyone is jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon, may want to wait on the Falcons there are problems brewing.

3. Oakland Raiders- We admit we thought that the Raiders could be ok, strong defense, a few big offensive plays and another win similar to the Eagles victory could happen from time to time. The NY Jets killed this momentum and we doubt it will regenerate.

4. Carolina Panthers- Ouch, what is going on here? Why are they still playing Jake Delhomme? Run Stewart and Williams every play, there you have it. Just do not pass anymore. A reverse every eight plays to Smith works for a pass play.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- We thought that the Chiefs would give San Diego some trouble on Sunday, but nope all we received was a mouthful of Larry Johnson being an idiot as usual. Matt Cassel looks to be an early bust and the team is a mess.

6. Washington Redskins- Watch the highlights, the fumbles and interceptions have got to go not Jim Zorn. The defense played excellent and Philly tried to keep it close. The Redskins are terrible on offense.

7. Cleveland Browns- The flu catches the team and it showed on Sunday. There is nothing good going on here. It is hard to see the Browns winning this year.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- And the British may never go to an NFL game again with this type of performance. What happened to Tampa Bay? Terrible team, challenging a group of teams for no wins.

9. St. Louis Rams- Is Indianapolis that good? I thought that the Rams played well against the Viking last week, excluding several bad turnovers. The Rams should change their name to the Stephen Jackson’s because that is the only player on this team.

10. Minnesota Vikings- Two turnovers taken to the house for TD’s! How is this possible? The Steelers defense is good, but that good? We think not, the Vikings play Green Bay this week and need to win this one on the road to get back up there in the top teams talk with Indianapolis, New Orleans and Denver.

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