Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After our WEEK 3 review BYE Week we bring back the Power Rankings by popular demand.

NFL Power Rankings
-This is how we like them after Week Four at www.IFanyoneASKS.com

BIGGEST GAINER = Denver Broncos (+10)
BIGGEST LOSER = Dallas Cowboys (-10)

1. New Orleans Saints (+2) -BYE
2. Indianapolis Colts (+5) -@Tennessee, this is the best 0-4 team and should fight.
3. Minnesota Vikings (BUY +2) -@St. Louis should be an easy win.
4. New York Giants (BUY -3) –Oakland, another easy win for NYG!
5. Baltimore Ravens (-3) –Cincinnati comes in for a battle!
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (BUY -2) -@Detroit should be an easy win for the Steelers!
7. Philadelphia Eagles (BUY-1) –Tampa Bay, this will be an easy win.
8. New England Patriots (+7) -@Denver, time to bring the Broncos back to reality.
9. Atlanta Falcons (-1) -@San Francisco and catching the 49ers at a bad time.
10. New York Jets (+4) -@Miami and we like Miami whether they have a QB or not.
11. San Francisco 49ers (+9) –Atlanta, who saw this coming as the game of the week.
12. Green Bay Packers (-2) -BYE
13. Chicago Bears (+5) –BYE
14. Denver Broncos (+10) –New England, great match-up to prove their record.
15. Cincinnati Bengals (+6) -@Baltimore and should get a taste of reality.
16. Arizona Cardinals (-4) –Houston comes to town and it will be a shoot out.
17. San Diego Chargers (-6) -BYE
18. Miami Dolphins (-2) –NY Jets and this is the win Miami needs to get.
19. Dallas Cowboys (-10 BUY) -@Kansas City, the Cowboys need this win.
20. Houston Texans (-3) -@Arizona, this is the game that will make the early season.
21. Tennessee Titans (-8) –Indianapolis, this could be a strange season for Tennessee
22. Carolina Panthers (=) –Washington comes to town and the Panthers need to win.
23. Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) -@Seattle and they need to show up to make it.
24. Buffalo Bills (-5) –Cleveland, the Bills need to get moving in the right direction.
25. Seattle Seahawks (-2) –Jacksonville, this is EVEN in Vegas and could be a game.
26. Washington Redskins (-1) -@Carolina and they need to get this one to stay alive.
27. Detroit Lions (+3) –Pittsburgh, once again another terrible game.
28. Kansas City Chiefs (-1) –Dallas, KC is a terrible team & could surprise this week.
29. Oakland Raiders (-1) -@NY Giants, do not waste your time watching this one.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1) -@Philadelphia, also another bad game.
31. Cleveland Browns (=) -@Buffalo, this is a must win for both teams.
32. St. Louis (=) –Minnesota, and this could be over within the first half.

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• Pittsburgh Steelers (IIA=6, ESPN=15) – We like Pittsburgh to turn around and start to climb the charts; we may be overly excited this week.
• Denver Broncos (IIA=14, ESPN=8) – Even at 4-0 we are not totally sold on Denver and their upcoming tough schedule should prove this doubt.

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