Monday, November 16, 2009


So let’s clear one thing up immediately. We think that Coach Belichick made the right 4th down call on Sunday night. If you can not gain 2 yards in that situation then you do not deserve to win the game. New England dominated the game up until the 4th Quarter when Manning destroyed their secondary. We look forward to a potential AFC Championship rematch that is unless someone else disturbs this, Bengals or Chargers anyone?

So here we are again our black list for Week 10:
1. Dallas Cowboys – This was a shock to say the least! Green Bay coming off a loss to Tampa Bay and Dallas coming off a win over Philadelphia, so obviously Dallas would win easy; and that is why they play the games! This game was 3-0 Green Bay heading into the 4th Quarter. What is going on? Dallas and Green Bay are two teams that we would hate to face in the playoffs, if only they can get out of their own way.

2. Denver Broncos – Kyle Orton gets hurt and the team crumbles to the Redskins. This is the Denver that we thought we would have this season. The Chargers vs. Broncos match-up this week will determine the division leader. Could Denver lose a 4th straight game? Yes, we believe so.

3. Buffalo Bills – Tennessee is hot, however the Bills need to be in this game. Chris Johnson is amazing and giving AP a run at the rushing title this year and Vince Young all of a sudden is back in the picture for the future of the Titans. Did you see the Titans owner flicking off the Bills fans? TO is upset at the team and running his mouth. I think the Bills are sliding into the guaranteed win category of teams.

4. Atlanta Falcons – The injury to Turner affects the outcome of the game and Matt Ryan is struggling through a sophomore slump. This team needs to be in the hunt and steal a few wins. There is room for concern with this team.

5. Chicago Bears – We were in San Francisco covering this game live and after 4 INT’s for Cutler they still had a chance to beat the 49ers, and then came INT #5. Not that Cutler is to blame for all of the picks, however where is the running game? The 49ers looked amazing against the rush. The Bears look ugly right now and we think this is a surprise to most of us.
We have been getting bombarded with requests to trash on at least 5 college football teams every week in addition to our NFL TEAMS THAT DIDN’T SHOW UP. So due to popular demand here you have it.


1. #9 USC – Well you saw this coming a mile away. USC loses 21-55 to Stanford and Southern California is panicking! How did USC fall this far, reference the 2009 NFL Draft (QB and Defense gone)? The Pac-10 is there for Oregon’s taking, is there a slip up in the Ducks future? We think so.

2. #14 Miami – We love this team, however there was nothing to love in their game against UNC on Saturday (losing 24-33). This team seems to throw a hail mary every other play and where is the defense? We think this team will be better next year.

3. #16 Utah – Lost 28-55 to #4 TCU, at least make it a game Utah. Another Top 25 fraud is identified. Terrible game, however we will take TCU against any team right now. Any team.

4. #24 South Florida – Lost 0-31 to Rutgers. Terrible loss during the week that was forgotten about by Saturday. South Florida caught a ton of buzz last year, however this year they have turned out to be just a fad, fading out of style.

5. #15 Houston – Lost 32-37 to UCF. We predicted this game and sure enough Houston will not show up for a major Bowl game this year outside of Texas.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


-This is how we like them after Week Seven at
1. Indianapolis Colts –This week will tell us if the Colts are the team to beat

2. New Orleans Saints –This team is exciting and pulls through in the clutch

3. Minnesota Vikings –Favre, AP, Harvin and the D are pulling through

4. Pittsburgh Steelers –The hottest team at the moment, watch out

5. New England Patriots –This is the week to regain the top slot

6. Dallas Cowboys –Seems to be getting hot at the right time

7. Cincinnati Bengals –Sweeps the Ravens, the Bengals must prove it this week

8. San Diego Chargers –Philly in town this week, it will be a showdown

9. Philadelphia Eagles –Must win a difficult game in SD this week

10. Arizona Cardinals –Hot & Cold, easy schedule will help them finish strong

11. Baltimore Ravens –Flacco, Rice and Mason must turn it up this week

12. New York Giants –This team is dropping and it is getting ugly fast in NY

13. Miami Dolphins –This team is so much better than their record

14. Denver Broncos –They are who we thought they were = not so good

15. Atlanta Falcons –Shy away from the difficult wins and could fall short

16. Houston Texans –One missed FG away from OT, always short of winning here

17. New York Jets –Kind of forgotten about during their BYE week

18. Tennessee Titans –Welcome back, look out AFC

19. Green Bay Packers –What is going on here, no O-Line, no DEF = no Wins

20. Carolina Panthers –Running game is gaining speed, but no passing will kill it

21. San Francisco 49ers –It is time to prove 49ers and Thursday we will be there, live

22. Seattle Seahawks –Second half against the Lions shows that there is still fight left

23. Jacksonville Jaguars –4-4 team and MJD is the man that carries this team

24. Chicago Bears –Seem to be fading fast and Cutler was not the next big thing

25. Buffalo Bills –TO is out, the team is sputtering and now Vick for 2010?

26. Washington Redskins –Terrible, however could rebound against Denver

27. Detroit Lions –Vikings this week, it is not getting any easier Lions

28. Kansas City Chiefs –Can prove it this week against the terrible Raiders

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –Can we make it two in a row Tampa, we think not

30. Oakland Raiders –Losing to KC will justify this slot

31. St. Louis –How can a team be this bad with Stephen Jackson in the backfield

32. Cleveland Browns –Wow, this is unbelievable, no QB, no team, no coach

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• Denver Broncos (IAA=14, ESPN=7) –We are not for sure why we are dumping on Denver so quick; however we think that the team is heading down hill.

• Atlanta Falcons (IAA=15, ESPN=9) –The Falcons do not feel like a top ten team to us. Ryan and Turner have been inconsistent this year.

• Tennessee Titans (IAA=18, ESPN=23) –Chris Johnson and Vince Young have this team performing well and we think they could reach .500

• Chicago Bears (IAA=24, ESPN=19) –The Bears should show their weaknesses on Thursday night for all to see against the 49ers or they may make us reconsider.

Monday, November 9, 2009


We normally provide ten teams that didn’t show up to their weekly game, however this week we were pretty satisfied with the NFL action. Detroit and Carolina could have provided better second half play and the San Diego/NY Giants game was weak for the first two quarters, but come on in this season this could have been the best week.

So let us congratulate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their first win of the season. For one week Josh Freeman looks like the QB of the future and all is right with one of the Bay teams. Note we said one…

1. Green Bay Packers –The loss to the Vikings carries with it a week long hang over. We liked the Packers to start this season. Could this be a one week mistake similar to the Eagles losing to Raiders or will this start a NY Giants 4 game losing streak? Statistics sometimes do not translate to wins Aaron Rodgers. When building an offense it starts with the offensive line and right now Green Bay needs one.
2. Chicago Bears –And all of a sudden the Vikings look like a one horse race to win the division. Where is the Bears defense? When Bears play bad they play real bad! This game was over in the first half and the Denny Green parodies made Whisenhunt’s post game better than the actual game. Improving the offense with Cutler made the defense worse? How is this possible? Saturday Night Live is lucky that they no longer have the “Da Bears” skits in the rotation because there would be several heart attacks.
3. Baltimore Ravens –As much as we love the entertainment of OchoCinco we would have loved to see Ray Lewis or Ed Reed rip is head off after trying to bribe the refs with a dollar. Sure enough in this game it felt like the villain won and Flacco is all of a sudden looking like a second year QB. I hate to think that Tennessee and Baltimore may have the same record in a few weeks.
4. Washington Redskins –Something in us all thought just maybe Daniel Snyder’s comments and Jim Zorn’s pleas to save his Head Coaching job may have ignited some play on Sunday. Nope, no it did not and all of sudden Dallas looks like the class of the NFC East thanks to Miles Austin and Tony Romo (Mr. November).

So there you have it, four unlucky teams. We can criticize Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin all we want for playing for FG’s instead of TD’s, however when do we point the finger at the 11 guys on defense that allowed Rivers and Romo to produce winning TD’s. The defenses of old (see Chicago & Baltimore above) seem to be just that “of old”. As it sits there are very few defenses to admire, that is until we tune into MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Pittsburgh at Denver). Steelers and Broncos defenses please do not let me down tonight.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What To Watch This Weekend

We can not all own DirecTV, however if you are a sports fan how could this not be a “must have”. Take note if I move out of my apartment, the first question I will ask is, “Can I install DirecTV?” If this is a “No” then I will pass on the rental. So there you have it a word from our sponsor DirecTV.

As a special request for our readers that have full time jobs and a life outside of sports, we will do our best at pointing out the specific events that they should DVR or clear time out of their schedule to check out.

Saturday (Pacific Times):

12:30pm #9 LSU at #3 Alabama
-We admit LSU let us down with a boring game against Florida earlier this season. We did not see any potential for offense for LSU, however their Defense looked amazing. Will LSU pave the way for Iowa to slip into the #3 slot? We don’t think so.

12:30pm #15 Ohio State at #11 Penn State
-We are not for sure what to expect from Ohio State, or the Big Ten for that matter. So this will be a great match-up and will be an even match-up. We like the home team.

5:00pm #20 Oklahoma at Nebraska
-A lot of “What if’s” apply to this game. What if QB Sam Bradford was healthy for this season for OU? What if Nebraska beat Virginia Tech earlier in the year and was ranked? Still this Big 12 match-up will get nasty. We like the home team.

Sunday (Pacific Times):

10:00am Ravens at Bengals
-We have a redemption game here for the Ravens, who lost earlier this season to the Bengals in a nail biter. I think this win could make the Ravens an official contender or could make us a believer of the Bengals.

1:15pm Chargers at Giants
-We love this match-up for several reasons. The NY Giants are struggling. San Diego does not travel well and are off to the traditional slow start. This could be the loss that eliminates one team from the playoffs. Is it too early to say that? Maybe.

5:20pm Cowboys at Eagles
-Who is the best team in the NFC East? This game will provide the answer. We have doubted the Eagles all year and promoted the Cowboys, was this a mistake? We are preparing our concession speech.

At a minimum reserve your time slots for LSU/Alabama and Cowboys/Eagles. These games should provide for great break room debates at work this week!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


-This is how we like them after Week Seven at

1. Indianapolis Colts –This could be our Super Bowl champion this year
2. New Orleans Saints –We are not totally sold on the Saints defense
3. New England Patriots –When Brady is on his game, this team is hard to beat
4. Denver Broncos –Surprise team of the year, will earn it with upcoming games
5. Pittsburgh Steelers –Win over the Vikings secured that the Steel City is back
6. Minnesota Vikings –The Vikings secondary worries us
7. New York Giants –NY Giants could not pull it off against Arizona
8. Arizona Cardinals –Coming up at the right time and the easy schedule starts
9. Cincinnati Bengals –What a surprise, will it continue we think it just may
10. Baltimore Ravens –This team is better than their record indicates
11. Dallas Cowboys –Big win over Atlanta, if Romo is on, then Dallas will win
12. Philadelphia Eagles –We are concerned that the lack of a running game
13. Green Bay Packers –Vikings game this week will tell us a lot about the Pack
14. Miami Dolphins –The Wildcat team is better than their record
15. New York Jets –The running game will win games of NY Jets, not Sanchez.
16. Atlanta Falcons –There are concerns here
17. San Diego Chargers –Finally the Chargers have a big win, only against KC
18. Houston Texans –This team is unpredictable, but good, how good we don’t know
19. Chicago Bears –Laid an egg against the Bengals this week
20. Buffalo Bills –Quietly surviving some tough games and may move up
21. San Francisco 49ers –Alex Smith is back and so is Frank Gore
22. Seattle Seahawks –BYE week came at the perfect time and they should move up
23. Carolina Panthers –Missing a QB and it could be a Kyle Boller situation here
24. Washington Redskins –Stop fumbling the football and throwing INT’s & win
25. Tennessee Titans –What a struggle here, so much talent and no wins
26. Jacksonville Jaguars –MJD is for real and the Jaguars will do ok this year
27. Oakland Raiders –Unpredictable, what will happen with the Raiders, no clue
28. Detroit Lions –This team is gaining & we think another win this year
29. Kansas City Chiefs –How are the Chiefs this bad and why is LJ talking again
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –Not for sure if there is more than 1 win this year
31. St. Louis –Could beat a team or two if they get out of their own way
32. Cleveland Browns –Sickness, QB problems, Coaching issues, this is really bad

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• Miami Dolphins (IIA=14, ESPN=19) –Miami is a team that has been close to beating New Orleans and Indianapolis and just missed, we like them to rebound
• Atlanta Falcons (IIA=16, ESPN=11) –We thought Atlanta was exposed this week and they could tumble further
• Jacksonville Jaguars (IIA=26, ESPN=21) –Did everyone forget that Jacksonville almost lost to the Rams in Week 6, this team is questionable


Parody in the NFL has been hard to find this year with point margins increasing and the division between the good and bad teams is huge. The strange thing is that there have been some surprises namely Cincinnati and Denver for the good teams list and Tennessee and Carolina for the bad teams list. So let’s have a look at the bad teams because everyone is talking about the good teams.

1. Chicago Bears- Wow, did anyone see this coming? How about Cedric Benson? Talk about payback. Where was Jay Cutler? The Bears defense? Matt Forte? Why is no one answering? Hey Bears you better figure it out or the Lions will beat you!

2. Atlanta Falcons- Going into the week we all felt that this game would be one of the best and then the Falcons went cold, very cold. Now everyone is jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon, may want to wait on the Falcons there are problems brewing.

3. Oakland Raiders- We admit we thought that the Raiders could be ok, strong defense, a few big offensive plays and another win similar to the Eagles victory could happen from time to time. The NY Jets killed this momentum and we doubt it will regenerate.

4. Carolina Panthers- Ouch, what is going on here? Why are they still playing Jake Delhomme? Run Stewart and Williams every play, there you have it. Just do not pass anymore. A reverse every eight plays to Smith works for a pass play.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- We thought that the Chiefs would give San Diego some trouble on Sunday, but nope all we received was a mouthful of Larry Johnson being an idiot as usual. Matt Cassel looks to be an early bust and the team is a mess.

6. Washington Redskins- Watch the highlights, the fumbles and interceptions have got to go not Jim Zorn. The defense played excellent and Philly tried to keep it close. The Redskins are terrible on offense.

7. Cleveland Browns- The flu catches the team and it showed on Sunday. There is nothing good going on here. It is hard to see the Browns winning this year.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- And the British may never go to an NFL game again with this type of performance. What happened to Tampa Bay? Terrible team, challenging a group of teams for no wins.

9. St. Louis Rams- Is Indianapolis that good? I thought that the Rams played well against the Viking last week, excluding several bad turnovers. The Rams should change their name to the Stephen Jackson’s because that is the only player on this team.

10. Minnesota Vikings- Two turnovers taken to the house for TD’s! How is this possible? The Steelers defense is good, but that good? We think not, the Vikings play Green Bay this week and need to win this one on the road to get back up there in the top teams talk with Indianapolis, New Orleans and Denver.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After our WEEK 3 review BYE Week we bring back the Power Rankings by popular demand.

NFL Power Rankings
-This is how we like them after Week Four at

BIGGEST GAINER = Denver Broncos (+10)
BIGGEST LOSER = Dallas Cowboys (-10)

1. New Orleans Saints (+2) -BYE
2. Indianapolis Colts (+5) -@Tennessee, this is the best 0-4 team and should fight.
3. Minnesota Vikings (BUY +2) -@St. Louis should be an easy win.
4. New York Giants (BUY -3) –Oakland, another easy win for NYG!
5. Baltimore Ravens (-3) –Cincinnati comes in for a battle!
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (BUY -2) -@Detroit should be an easy win for the Steelers!
7. Philadelphia Eagles (BUY-1) –Tampa Bay, this will be an easy win.
8. New England Patriots (+7) -@Denver, time to bring the Broncos back to reality.
9. Atlanta Falcons (-1) -@San Francisco and catching the 49ers at a bad time.
10. New York Jets (+4) -@Miami and we like Miami whether they have a QB or not.
11. San Francisco 49ers (+9) –Atlanta, who saw this coming as the game of the week.
12. Green Bay Packers (-2) -BYE
13. Chicago Bears (+5) –BYE
14. Denver Broncos (+10) –New England, great match-up to prove their record.
15. Cincinnati Bengals (+6) -@Baltimore and should get a taste of reality.
16. Arizona Cardinals (-4) –Houston comes to town and it will be a shoot out.
17. San Diego Chargers (-6) -BYE
18. Miami Dolphins (-2) –NY Jets and this is the win Miami needs to get.
19. Dallas Cowboys (-10 BUY) -@Kansas City, the Cowboys need this win.
20. Houston Texans (-3) -@Arizona, this is the game that will make the early season.
21. Tennessee Titans (-8) –Indianapolis, this could be a strange season for Tennessee
22. Carolina Panthers (=) –Washington comes to town and the Panthers need to win.
23. Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) -@Seattle and they need to show up to make it.
24. Buffalo Bills (-5) –Cleveland, the Bills need to get moving in the right direction.
25. Seattle Seahawks (-2) –Jacksonville, this is EVEN in Vegas and could be a game.
26. Washington Redskins (-1) -@Carolina and they need to get this one to stay alive.
27. Detroit Lions (+3) –Pittsburgh, once again another terrible game.
28. Kansas City Chiefs (-1) –Dallas, KC is a terrible team & could surprise this week.
29. Oakland Raiders (-1) -@NY Giants, do not waste your time watching this one.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1) -@Philadelphia, also another bad game.
31. Cleveland Browns (=) -@Buffalo, this is a must win for both teams.
32. St. Louis (=) –Minnesota, and this could be over within the first half.

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• Pittsburgh Steelers (IIA=6, ESPN=15) – We like Pittsburgh to turn around and start to climb the charts; we may be overly excited this week.
• Denver Broncos (IIA=14, ESPN=8) – Even at 4-0 we are not totally sold on Denver and their upcoming tough schedule should prove this doubt.