Wednesday, November 11, 2009


-This is how we like them after Week Seven at
1. Indianapolis Colts –This week will tell us if the Colts are the team to beat

2. New Orleans Saints –This team is exciting and pulls through in the clutch

3. Minnesota Vikings –Favre, AP, Harvin and the D are pulling through

4. Pittsburgh Steelers –The hottest team at the moment, watch out

5. New England Patriots –This is the week to regain the top slot

6. Dallas Cowboys –Seems to be getting hot at the right time

7. Cincinnati Bengals –Sweeps the Ravens, the Bengals must prove it this week

8. San Diego Chargers –Philly in town this week, it will be a showdown

9. Philadelphia Eagles –Must win a difficult game in SD this week

10. Arizona Cardinals –Hot & Cold, easy schedule will help them finish strong

11. Baltimore Ravens –Flacco, Rice and Mason must turn it up this week

12. New York Giants –This team is dropping and it is getting ugly fast in NY

13. Miami Dolphins –This team is so much better than their record

14. Denver Broncos –They are who we thought they were = not so good

15. Atlanta Falcons –Shy away from the difficult wins and could fall short

16. Houston Texans –One missed FG away from OT, always short of winning here

17. New York Jets –Kind of forgotten about during their BYE week

18. Tennessee Titans –Welcome back, look out AFC

19. Green Bay Packers –What is going on here, no O-Line, no DEF = no Wins

20. Carolina Panthers –Running game is gaining speed, but no passing will kill it

21. San Francisco 49ers –It is time to prove 49ers and Thursday we will be there, live

22. Seattle Seahawks –Second half against the Lions shows that there is still fight left

23. Jacksonville Jaguars –4-4 team and MJD is the man that carries this team

24. Chicago Bears –Seem to be fading fast and Cutler was not the next big thing

25. Buffalo Bills –TO is out, the team is sputtering and now Vick for 2010?

26. Washington Redskins –Terrible, however could rebound against Denver

27. Detroit Lions –Vikings this week, it is not getting any easier Lions

28. Kansas City Chiefs –Can prove it this week against the terrible Raiders

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –Can we make it two in a row Tampa, we think not

30. Oakland Raiders –Losing to KC will justify this slot

31. St. Louis –How can a team be this bad with Stephen Jackson in the backfield

32. Cleveland Browns –Wow, this is unbelievable, no QB, no team, no coach

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• Denver Broncos (IAA=14, ESPN=7) –We are not for sure why we are dumping on Denver so quick; however we think that the team is heading down hill.

• Atlanta Falcons (IAA=15, ESPN=9) –The Falcons do not feel like a top ten team to us. Ryan and Turner have been inconsistent this year.

• Tennessee Titans (IAA=18, ESPN=23) –Chris Johnson and Vince Young have this team performing well and we think they could reach .500

• Chicago Bears (IAA=24, ESPN=19) –The Bears should show their weaknesses on Thursday night for all to see against the 49ers or they may make us reconsider.

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