Monday, November 16, 2009


So let’s clear one thing up immediately. We think that Coach Belichick made the right 4th down call on Sunday night. If you can not gain 2 yards in that situation then you do not deserve to win the game. New England dominated the game up until the 4th Quarter when Manning destroyed their secondary. We look forward to a potential AFC Championship rematch that is unless someone else disturbs this, Bengals or Chargers anyone?

So here we are again our black list for Week 10:
1. Dallas Cowboys – This was a shock to say the least! Green Bay coming off a loss to Tampa Bay and Dallas coming off a win over Philadelphia, so obviously Dallas would win easy; and that is why they play the games! This game was 3-0 Green Bay heading into the 4th Quarter. What is going on? Dallas and Green Bay are two teams that we would hate to face in the playoffs, if only they can get out of their own way.

2. Denver Broncos – Kyle Orton gets hurt and the team crumbles to the Redskins. This is the Denver that we thought we would have this season. The Chargers vs. Broncos match-up this week will determine the division leader. Could Denver lose a 4th straight game? Yes, we believe so.

3. Buffalo Bills – Tennessee is hot, however the Bills need to be in this game. Chris Johnson is amazing and giving AP a run at the rushing title this year and Vince Young all of a sudden is back in the picture for the future of the Titans. Did you see the Titans owner flicking off the Bills fans? TO is upset at the team and running his mouth. I think the Bills are sliding into the guaranteed win category of teams.

4. Atlanta Falcons – The injury to Turner affects the outcome of the game and Matt Ryan is struggling through a sophomore slump. This team needs to be in the hunt and steal a few wins. There is room for concern with this team.

5. Chicago Bears – We were in San Francisco covering this game live and after 4 INT’s for Cutler they still had a chance to beat the 49ers, and then came INT #5. Not that Cutler is to blame for all of the picks, however where is the running game? The 49ers looked amazing against the rush. The Bears look ugly right now and we think this is a surprise to most of us.
We have been getting bombarded with requests to trash on at least 5 college football teams every week in addition to our NFL TEAMS THAT DIDN’T SHOW UP. So due to popular demand here you have it.


1. #9 USC – Well you saw this coming a mile away. USC loses 21-55 to Stanford and Southern California is panicking! How did USC fall this far, reference the 2009 NFL Draft (QB and Defense gone)? The Pac-10 is there for Oregon’s taking, is there a slip up in the Ducks future? We think so.

2. #14 Miami – We love this team, however there was nothing to love in their game against UNC on Saturday (losing 24-33). This team seems to throw a hail mary every other play and where is the defense? We think this team will be better next year.

3. #16 Utah – Lost 28-55 to #4 TCU, at least make it a game Utah. Another Top 25 fraud is identified. Terrible game, however we will take TCU against any team right now. Any team.

4. #24 South Florida – Lost 0-31 to Rutgers. Terrible loss during the week that was forgotten about by Saturday. South Florida caught a ton of buzz last year, however this year they have turned out to be just a fad, fading out of style.

5. #15 Houston – Lost 32-37 to UCF. We predicted this game and sure enough Houston will not show up for a major Bowl game this year outside of Texas.

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