Friday, November 6, 2009

What To Watch This Weekend

We can not all own DirecTV, however if you are a sports fan how could this not be a “must have”. Take note if I move out of my apartment, the first question I will ask is, “Can I install DirecTV?” If this is a “No” then I will pass on the rental. So there you have it a word from our sponsor DirecTV.

As a special request for our readers that have full time jobs and a life outside of sports, we will do our best at pointing out the specific events that they should DVR or clear time out of their schedule to check out.

Saturday (Pacific Times):

12:30pm #9 LSU at #3 Alabama
-We admit LSU let us down with a boring game against Florida earlier this season. We did not see any potential for offense for LSU, however their Defense looked amazing. Will LSU pave the way for Iowa to slip into the #3 slot? We don’t think so.

12:30pm #15 Ohio State at #11 Penn State
-We are not for sure what to expect from Ohio State, or the Big Ten for that matter. So this will be a great match-up and will be an even match-up. We like the home team.

5:00pm #20 Oklahoma at Nebraska
-A lot of “What if’s” apply to this game. What if QB Sam Bradford was healthy for this season for OU? What if Nebraska beat Virginia Tech earlier in the year and was ranked? Still this Big 12 match-up will get nasty. We like the home team.

Sunday (Pacific Times):

10:00am Ravens at Bengals
-We have a redemption game here for the Ravens, who lost earlier this season to the Bengals in a nail biter. I think this win could make the Ravens an official contender or could make us a believer of the Bengals.

1:15pm Chargers at Giants
-We love this match-up for several reasons. The NY Giants are struggling. San Diego does not travel well and are off to the traditional slow start. This could be the loss that eliminates one team from the playoffs. Is it too early to say that? Maybe.

5:20pm Cowboys at Eagles
-Who is the best team in the NFC East? This game will provide the answer. We have doubted the Eagles all year and promoted the Cowboys, was this a mistake? We are preparing our concession speech.

At a minimum reserve your time slots for LSU/Alabama and Cowboys/Eagles. These games should provide for great break room debates at work this week!

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