Monday, November 9, 2009


We normally provide ten teams that didn’t show up to their weekly game, however this week we were pretty satisfied with the NFL action. Detroit and Carolina could have provided better second half play and the San Diego/NY Giants game was weak for the first two quarters, but come on in this season this could have been the best week.

So let us congratulate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their first win of the season. For one week Josh Freeman looks like the QB of the future and all is right with one of the Bay teams. Note we said one…

1. Green Bay Packers –The loss to the Vikings carries with it a week long hang over. We liked the Packers to start this season. Could this be a one week mistake similar to the Eagles losing to Raiders or will this start a NY Giants 4 game losing streak? Statistics sometimes do not translate to wins Aaron Rodgers. When building an offense it starts with the offensive line and right now Green Bay needs one.
2. Chicago Bears –And all of a sudden the Vikings look like a one horse race to win the division. Where is the Bears defense? When Bears play bad they play real bad! This game was over in the first half and the Denny Green parodies made Whisenhunt’s post game better than the actual game. Improving the offense with Cutler made the defense worse? How is this possible? Saturday Night Live is lucky that they no longer have the “Da Bears” skits in the rotation because there would be several heart attacks.
3. Baltimore Ravens –As much as we love the entertainment of OchoCinco we would have loved to see Ray Lewis or Ed Reed rip is head off after trying to bribe the refs with a dollar. Sure enough in this game it felt like the villain won and Flacco is all of a sudden looking like a second year QB. I hate to think that Tennessee and Baltimore may have the same record in a few weeks.
4. Washington Redskins –Something in us all thought just maybe Daniel Snyder’s comments and Jim Zorn’s pleas to save his Head Coaching job may have ignited some play on Sunday. Nope, no it did not and all of sudden Dallas looks like the class of the NFC East thanks to Miles Austin and Tony Romo (Mr. November).

So there you have it, four unlucky teams. We can criticize Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin all we want for playing for FG’s instead of TD’s, however when do we point the finger at the 11 guys on defense that allowed Rivers and Romo to produce winning TD’s. The defenses of old (see Chicago & Baltimore above) seem to be just that “of old”. As it sits there are very few defenses to admire, that is until we tune into MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Pittsburgh at Denver). Steelers and Broncos defenses please do not let me down tonight.

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