Tuesday, October 27, 2009


-This is how we like them after Week Seven at www.IFanyoneASKS.com

1. Indianapolis Colts –This could be our Super Bowl champion this year
2. New Orleans Saints –We are not totally sold on the Saints defense
3. New England Patriots –When Brady is on his game, this team is hard to beat
4. Denver Broncos –Surprise team of the year, will earn it with upcoming games
5. Pittsburgh Steelers –Win over the Vikings secured that the Steel City is back
6. Minnesota Vikings –The Vikings secondary worries us
7. New York Giants –NY Giants could not pull it off against Arizona
8. Arizona Cardinals –Coming up at the right time and the easy schedule starts
9. Cincinnati Bengals –What a surprise, will it continue we think it just may
10. Baltimore Ravens –This team is better than their record indicates
11. Dallas Cowboys –Big win over Atlanta, if Romo is on, then Dallas will win
12. Philadelphia Eagles –We are concerned that the lack of a running game
13. Green Bay Packers –Vikings game this week will tell us a lot about the Pack
14. Miami Dolphins –The Wildcat team is better than their record
15. New York Jets –The running game will win games of NY Jets, not Sanchez.
16. Atlanta Falcons –There are concerns here
17. San Diego Chargers –Finally the Chargers have a big win, only against KC
18. Houston Texans –This team is unpredictable, but good, how good we don’t know
19. Chicago Bears –Laid an egg against the Bengals this week
20. Buffalo Bills –Quietly surviving some tough games and may move up
21. San Francisco 49ers –Alex Smith is back and so is Frank Gore
22. Seattle Seahawks –BYE week came at the perfect time and they should move up
23. Carolina Panthers –Missing a QB and it could be a Kyle Boller situation here
24. Washington Redskins –Stop fumbling the football and throwing INT’s & win
25. Tennessee Titans –What a struggle here, so much talent and no wins
26. Jacksonville Jaguars –MJD is for real and the Jaguars will do ok this year
27. Oakland Raiders –Unpredictable, what will happen with the Raiders, no clue
28. Detroit Lions –This team is gaining & we think another win this year
29. Kansas City Chiefs –How are the Chiefs this bad and why is LJ talking again
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –Not for sure if there is more than 1 win this year
31. St. Louis –Could beat a team or two if they get out of their own way
32. Cleveland Browns –Sickness, QB problems, Coaching issues, this is really bad

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• Miami Dolphins (IIA=14, ESPN=19) –Miami is a team that has been close to beating New Orleans and Indianapolis and just missed, we like them to rebound
• Atlanta Falcons (IIA=16, ESPN=11) –We thought Atlanta was exposed this week and they could tumble further
• Jacksonville Jaguars (IIA=26, ESPN=21) –Did everyone forget that Jacksonville almost lost to the Rams in Week 6, this team is questionable

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