Monday, October 5, 2009


So here at www.IFanyoneASKS.comwe took a BYE WEEK in Week Three reviews and a lot has changed, but our format has not. We will be listed as the only team for Week Three that did not show up and the others will be left alone.

During Week Four we caught some bad games. The Dallas at Denver game was probably the best and it only included three TD’s. Pittsburgh tried it’s best to make the ending of their game against San Diego entertaining, however could not help the Chargers out enough. I think the best is yet to come and tonight Packers at Vikings will make up for a poor week.

1. Tennessee Titans – 0-4, this is one more loss than the Titans had all of last year. Did losing Haynesworth destroy this defense? Is Kerry Collins really too old at this point? We can not figure it out Tennessee, every week we try to resurrect you and you disappoint, well you made it to the top finally…of the losing column.
2. Buffalo Bills – In Week One we thought we would see an exciting team in Buffalo, boy were we wrong. We thought getting Lynch back would be another weapon to bring to battle. Nope, this team will struggle.
3. St. Louis Rams (3rd Appearance) – 3 for 3 for this list and they should be here every week. Zero points scored; please do not select Stephen Jackson on your fantasy team as long as he is a Ram.
4. Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell and Al Davis together are ruining this team. It is hard to have any hope for the Raiders. This team will be a strong member of the list of terrible teams.
5. San Diego Chargers (2nd Appearance) – This is a surprise, we were not alone in thinking the Chargers could be a contender this year, however we thought they would have a running game and defense and at this point they do not have either.
6. Dallas Cowboys – Is Denver this good? Is this Romo’s last year? We think the answer could be “Yes” in both cases.
7. Kansas City Chiefs – The game against the NY Giants was over before it started. If you watched this game you could see that Kansas City is far from a win and this division is looking better and better for Denver.
8. Seattle Seahawks (2nd Appearance) – Once again Seattle is plagued with injuries and problems. At least TJ Housh showed up for the game this week; however with the 49ers rolling this is going to be a tough year in the Northwest for their beloved Seahawks.
9. Detroit Lions – Stafford gets injured and the team went on pause letting Chicago run away with this one as soon as they kicked off to Knox in the second half. Come on Detroit please do it, do it for the economy and do it for the Tigers that will be crushed on Tuesday by the Twins.
10. TIE Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2nd Appearance) & Washington Redskins (2nd Appearance) – Both teams need to review what they are trying to accomplish with this year. This game was a snoozer and we would pick any of the TOP 25 D1 College teams to beat these teams.

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