Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NFL Fantasy Football Market After Week Two

So in looking back on our selections after Week One I feel that I could have dropped my starting RB’s and done better with Bush & Bell.

1. Darren Sproles – 150 total yards & 1 TD = 21 points; Sproles did not prove it on the ground and if we take away the long TD he has a bad day. Good Flex RB when LT is hurt.
2. Nate Burleson – 46 total yards = 4 points; kind of a Week 2 bust, but during the course of the season he could be a solid #3 WR.
3. Kevin Faulk – 11 total yards = 0 points, ouch keep him deep on the bench until New England comes back.
4. Dustin Keller – 22 total yards & 1 TD = 8 points, Not bad, the TD saved us. We still like Keller for your starting TE slot.
5. Michael Bush – 52 total yards = 4 points, Bush could have done better. We will continue to follow Bush, however McFadden looked better in Week 2.
6. Jeremy Shockey – 49 yards = 4 points, back to reality for Shockey.
7. Mike Bell – 95 total yards & 1 TD = 14 points, Solid pick, however the injury towards the end of the game could hurt his status and help Pierre Thomas slide back in coming off his injury.
9. Devery Henderson – 71 yards = 7 points, Need a TD and this would have been great.
10. Benjamin Watson – 23 yards = 2 points, Not what we wanted for Week 2.

We want to list LeSean McCoy (Eagles) in the #1 slot, however he was picked in all five leagues that we participated in this year, so he is too known to fill the sleeper slot.

1. Brent Celek (Eagles) – It is time to admit that this guy slipped under your draft radar despite all the fantasy mags promoting this up & coming TE. Get on board with this ship.
2. Steve Smith (NY Giants) – Eli Manning is looking great. Plaxico who? I like the young NY Giants WR’s.
3. Mario Manningham (NY Giants) – See Above
4. Johnny Knox (Bears) – There is nobody else for Cutler to throw to, so here’s Johnny. Let’s give him a shot.
5. Ted Ginn Jr. (Dolphins) – Alright, easy, we not a huge fans of Ginn (dropped 2 TD’s last game), but he is the easy #1 WR for Miami, so we will be forced to like him.
6. Kelley Washington (Steelers) – He is in the #3 slot for Pitt and looks confident. With the Steelers lacking a running game, Washington could be what Breaston is in Arizona.
7. Michael Sims-Walker (Jaguars) – He is now the #2 in Jacksonville with Williamson out for the year. Since Jacksonville will be playing from behind all season look for Sims-Walker to see a lot of throws his way.
8. Jabar Gaffney (Patriots) – Could be the #3 in New England and with Welker having injury problems it makes sense to invest in Gaffney.
9. Correll Buckhalter (Broncos) – Moreno has not shown me much in the first two games, I think it would be a good idea to consider Buckhalter. He may never make the final game day fantasy football starter cut, but there could be a match-up during Bye week that justifies a start for Buckhalter.
10. Dantrell Savage (Chiefs) – Kansas City deactivated Jamal Charles for Week Two and Savage benefited, with LJ struggling Savage could be the RB in favor of the new coaching staff.

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