Friday, September 11, 2009

Week Two In College Football

So we are hours away from another college football filled Saturday and as a time honored tradition followed called “how to waste the work hours before 5:00pm” I pull up the college football schedule to see what family and friend events I may have to miss so I can cuddle with my TV for exciting games from the best sport (no offense soccer).

And to my dismay, only two games are of any interest, these being Notre Dame at Michigan and USC at Ohio State and that is it. Yes, I enjoyed the Clemson at Georgia Tech game on Thursday night, however it faced off against the first NFL game: Tennessee at Pittsburgh, so it was hard to watch both and I do not support the DVR option for live sporting events. So after this review, I had to ask myself, “Why are the college match-ups so weak in the first two weeks?”

I think big teams are scared that one loss to a ranked opponent is way worse than a win over a poor, non-BCS squad. We have seen time and time again how Ohio State puts it in cruise control after a game or two that is competitive. That is why USC is on the schedule so early year after year. Has this one loss against the only decent team they play (sometimes two adding Penn State) hurt their National Championship run? No it has not and who is to blame?

The system, when will college football get a playoffs system? Obama asked for it, please deliver it! I try to avoid this consistent debate every year and I come back to it. On a year where we may see Boise State and a good BYU team run the table I will hate it if we do or do not see one of these teams get a shot at winning the title. So get ready for Grandma Catherine’s pumpkin pie and whatever random friend’s bar crawl birthday it is tomorrow, because you only have two games to watch.

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