Thursday, September 3, 2009

College Football Week One

Life is full of choices and starting on Thursday (9/3/09) we will have to make a huge decision on how to allocate our College Football viewing for Week One. It is tough to navigate through the Week One schedule so let me be your guide to the match-ups that make the most sense to steal some productive hours away from the desk.


10. South Carolina at North Carolina State (Thurs 9/3 at 4PM PST)
-This was a simple pick. It is the first game. It is a SEC vs. ACC border game and we will get to see our favorite coach to hate Steve Spurrier crying on the sidelines

9. Missouri at Illinois (Sat 9/5 at 12:40PM PST)
-These teams could pull a surprise upset or two in their conferences, I think win one will be a start on the right foot

8. Maryland at California (Sat 9/5 at 7:00PM PST)
-I’m told that RB Jahvid Best will be the best RB in the nation and CAL will give USC trouble in the PAC-10. Oh really, well we will see starting game one

7. Miami (FL) at Florida State (Mon 9/7 at 5:00PM PST)
-How is this #7? It should be #1, but the ACC has struggled to gain relevance over the past five years (sorry Virginia Tech). As a fan I want this game back on the top and hopefully 2009 will be the start

6. Minnesota at Syracuse (Sat 9/5 at 9AM PST)
-Some would say why this game? When a former Duke PG starts at QB less than six months removed from March Madness with no college football game experience can I make a sweeter story line for a movie or will we get a “I told you so” with Minnesota rocking the ‘Cuse

5. Nevada at Notre Dame (Sat 9/5 at 12:30PM PST)
-Am I the only one that remembers last year’s terrible ND team? Hey Lou Holtz take some meds, I think Nevada has a shot in this one like San Diego State did last year in the opener. This could be a closer game than experts expect

4. Oregon at Boise State (Thurs 9/3 at 7:15PM PST)
-I am a sucker for the blue turf and I think the boys of Boise should be in line for an undefeated season, that is if they get past Oregon

3. BYU at Oklahoma (Sat 9/5 at 4:00PM PST)
-It is funny listing OU as a potential upset victim after highlighting Boise State. One of the top five teams needs to get an early scare and I feel this game will provide it

2. Georgia at Oklahoma State (Sat 9/5 at 12:30PM PST)
-This game is huge, it will set off the SEC vs. Big 12 argument proper and everyone says Georgia will quietly be productive this year. I like where OKstate is going, but will it be enough

1. Alabama at Virginia Tech (Sat 9/5 at 5:00PM PST)
-Obviously the top game of the week. Everyone is telling us tune in and I agree. This game should provide some excitement

Teams that we excluded that could be interesting are Tennessee (New Crazy Coach Kiffin), USC (True Freshman QB) and Michigan (Coming off an 8 loss season, over-practicing players scandal). Terrible match-ups, but enticing storylines, if I overlooked a game or two let me know, throw the beer on ice I will be attending San Diego State at UCLA.

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