Monday, September 21, 2009


Well would you look at this a topic that looks very similar to last week’s Monday entry? I am sensing a pattern here and perhaps a column that you can rely on weekly here at We try to keep you guessing, but I find that when the Monday morning alarm clock goes off for the gym (lie) there are at least ten NFL teams that we hate due to a poor Sunday showing, and here they are:

1. New England Patriots (Repeat Offender) – Really, really are the NY Jets that good? I guess so; they laid the smack down on a Patriots team that many picked to be in the Super Bowl. Look out AFC your conference is a mess with Pittsburgh and New England losing this weekend.

2. Seattle Seahawks – Frank Gore goes for over 200 yards and this game was not even close. So much for a divisional showdown, where is the run defense Seattle? Could you be the true sleeper team bust instead of Houston?

3. Kansas City Chiefs – Sure let’s go and give Matt Cassel a truckload of money to be the next Steve DeBerg (7 Career NFL Teams including the Chiefs) and only put up 10 points on Oakland. Either the Raiders are really good or teams play them really bad?

4. Green Bay – The preseason darling shows some weaknesses against the Bengals. This is funny given the strong defensive performance Week One. It is a strange day when an old rival Cedric Benson comes in and beats you instead of Carson Palmer.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – We at least thought the game against Arizona would be competitive with Arizona struggling a bit. I can see why there are ticket sales struggles in J-ville, the team doesn’t wanna be at the game either.

6. Cleveland Browns – I thought this game would bring back memories of Bernie Kosar and John Elway. We could gather to see a great game from two struggling franchises; however Denver is 2-0 and leading its division without Cutler and little from Marshall. Who saw that coming?

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Should I just reserve a spot on this weekly list for Tampa? I think so after seeing that every NFL team is marking this game as an extra BYE week. We thought that they could come to life with a solid running game and hold Buffalo on defense a few times. We were wrong.

8. Philadelphia Eagles – For the first half we thought Philly just may have a shot and then Brees destroyed them in the second half. When will the city of Brotherly Love offer some to McNabb? This team is not the same without him.

9. St. Louis Rams (Repeat Offender) – We avoided picking this game because the Rams always play the Redskins tough, however 7 points scored in two games is not gonna fly with us. St. Louis what is going on, we will see you here weekly with Tampa.

10. Washington Redskins – We always try to throw down a winning team that lucked out and here we find the Redskins this week. They could not punch in a TD against the Rams? Seattle put 28 points on them the first week and we get a dud from the ‘skins. Good luck against your division (0-6 this year).

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