Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It takes a big man to admit that he is wrong and an even bigger man to laugh at that man. Today I would like to apologize to the Bills and Raiders for reserving my final two spots of “Teams That Didn’t Show Up in Week One”. I would like to replace the #9 and #10 slots with the following: Leodis McKelvin (Buffalo Bills) and New England Patriots/San Diego Chargers.

I hate to pick on McKelvin and I am sure Bills fans are use to their hearts being ripped out of their chest, but that fumble easily cost Buffalo the game. I appreciate the effort and the fight for extra yards, but sometimes taking the knee wins the game. I learned this from Westbrook in the past and if you had him on your fantasy football team you remember his famous play. Alright I will leave this alone.

New England and San Diego were everyone’s favorites to win it all and they barely beat two of the bottom ten teams on Monday night. I’m a little concerned. I see weak offensive lines and vulnerable defenses. We will see if this continues.

So I was all set today to write an article about which is better the “Anticipation of the NFL Season” or “The Actual Season” and after last night I want to leave this topic alone. I was glued to the TV during both Monday night games and enjoyed every minute. I was set to write up a valid argument that the offseason drama outperforms the actual season and then there is Buffalo and Oakland providing some fight.

There was a certain feel last night to the Chargers at Raiders game that felt like a “Fight Club” back alley brawl that you say to your wife and kids I could take those guys and really be thinking thank God I am not on that field right now. It was violent in Oakland, there was true hate and emotion on the field and it took until the last game of week one to really connect with me.

So with injuries plaguing some of our favorite playoff picks this year, here is one guy hoping for some NFL drama as the middle of the pack gains on the top feeders.

NFL Power Rankings-This is how we like them as of Week One at www.IFanyoneASKS.com
1. Philadelphia Eagles (SELL) -New Orleans on SUN, Injuries to QB & OT
2. Minnesota Vikings (HOLD) -@Detroit on SUN may struggle
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (BUY) -@Chicago on SUN, Polamalu INJ
4. Dallas Cowboys (HOLD) -NYG on SUN, will be the game to watch
5. Baltimore Ravens (HOLD) -@San Diego on SUN, win and they move up
6. New York Giants (HOLD) -@Dallas on SUN, new stadium opening in Dallas
7. Green Bay Packers (BUY) -Cincinnati on SUN, should win and win big
8. New Orleans Saints (BUY) -@Philadelphia on SUN, timing is right
9. New England Patriots (BUY) -@NY Jets on SUN, should bounce back
10. Indianapolis Colts (BUY) -@Miami on MON, Rebound game
11. San Diego Chargers (HOLD) -Baltimore on SUN, Early must win game
12. Atlanta Falcons (BUY) -Carolina on SUN, timing is right to invest
13. Tennessee Titans (BUY) -Houston on SUN, should win easily
14. New York Jets (SELL) -New England on SUN, should come back to reality
15. San Francisco 49ers (HOLD) -Seattle on SUN, this is an even match-up
16. Seattle Seahawks (HOLD) -@ San Francisco on SUN, you call it
17. Buffalo Bills (BUY) -Tampa Bay on SUN, Bills DEF should win this one
18. Washington Redskins (BUY) -St. Louis on SUN, Rebound game
19. Arizona Cardinals (HOLD) -@Jacksonville on SUN, not for sure what to expect
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (HOLD) -Arizona on SUN, you call it on this one
21. Chicago Bears (SELL) -Pittsburgh on SUN, ouch bad time, the INT total grows
22. Miami Dolphins (HOLD) -Indianapolis on MON, not for sure what to expect
23. Carolina Panthers (SELL) -@Atlanta on SUN, this could get ugly
24. Kansas City Chiefs (HOLD) -Oakland on SUN, low scoring affair here
25. Houston Texans (SELL) -@Tennessee on SUN, this could be a huge loss
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (HOLD) -@Buffalo on SUN, tight match-up
27. Denver Broncos (HOLD) -Cleveland on SUN, hopefully there is some Offense
28. Oakland Raiders (HOLD) -@Kansas City on SUN, can they finish games
29. Cincinnati Bengals (SELL) -@Green Bay on SUN, O-Line is in trouble
30. Cleveland Browns (HOLD) -@Denver on SUN, tight match-up for poor teams
31. Detroit Lions (HOLD) -Minnesota on SUN, this game is sometimes close
32. St. Louis (SELL) -@Washington on SUN, if they could go lower, they would

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