Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NFL Fantasy Football Free Agent Market

Every week we at would like to support the NFL players that most Fantasy Football owners passed on during draft day. We all know of the first round studs blowing it up in the first week, Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson come to mind, however there is always that sleeper pick that defines you as the fantasy football expert and should you have selected one of the following guys in your draft you look like an expert in Week One.

1. Darren Sproles – I was in a fantasy football draft in San Diego and Sproles went in the first round with the #12 pick. The room erupted in laughter, but this owner may have the last laugh as LT may be finished.
2. Nate Burleson – A Viking WR castaway is starting to develop in Seattle and could challenge TJ Housh for the top WR. He will continue to gain value as long as Hasselbeck stays healthy.
3. Kevin Faulk – Alright we have never been particular fantasy football fans of New England’s four RB-by-committee approach, but Faulk looks to be someone you can count on each week in a flex spot.
4. Dustin Keller – For some reason a young or struggling QB’s best friend is a great TE. Keller fits the mold for Sanchez.
5. Michael Bush – I had trouble telling Bush and McFadden apart on Monday night and that is good thing for Bush because his price tag is much lower and TD’s could be higher.
6. Jeremy Shockey – So he flopped last year and we forgot about him this year in the draft, however 2 TD’s in the first week is making a case for comeback player of the year.
7. Mike Bell – Pierre Thomas is injured and Bush is more of a slot receiver on the Saints. In walks Mike Bell, will he produce against non-Detroit teams we will see?
8. Willis McGhee – I still like McGhee, not as a top 20 RB, but he feels like a Chester Taylor option for the Ravens and a good bye week replacement for your starters.
9. Devery Henderson – The Saints WR’s scare me a bit, however I like the value in Henderson. He could be good for 80 yards and a TD while only making two catches.
10. Benjamin Watson – With all of the TE’s on the New England roster Watson grabs two TD’s in the final ten minutes of the game to challenge Shockey for this week’s top TE. We are sure he will not produce this in the next game, but what do we know?

When completing research for this article we stumbled across ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings (One Day After and reviewed some key disagreements.


• Dallas Cowboys (IAA=4, ESPN=13) – We feel that Dallas will beat the Giants this week and this ranking will come closer.
• New England Patriots (IAA=9, ESPN=2) – This team in vulnerable right now in our opinion, if they lost to Buffalo would they still be as high?
• Minnesota Vikings (IAA=2, ESPN=8) – Minnesota has an easy schedule to start the year and this could serve as momentum to carry them through to the playoffs.
• Chicago Bears (IAA=21, ESPN=15) – We did not like what we saw on Sunday night; this team has some injuries and lack of WR’s that could hurt them.
• Kansas City Chiefs (IAA=24, ESPN=30) – We like what we saw for three quarters out of KC and with Cassel coming back we believe that the coaching staff and management team from New England can turn this franchise around.

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