Tuesday, September 8, 2009

College Football Week One Recap

So Week One is in the books and what did we learn in this first week? That Florida’s best rivalry is far from over, that Oklahoma’s season will be plagued by injuries caused by an aggressive BYU team and that Oregon’s star running back LeGarrette Blount traded in a promising NFL future for maybe a career as a wrestler for the WWE.

Next week we will see Michigan and Notre Dame play to prove that one team is still relevant and the other is a year away from relevance. Also we have Ohio State (barely beat Navy) playing USC (True Freshman Quarterback) that looks extremely entertaining. So let’s take a look back to see how www.IFanyoneASKS.com showed you the way to the great game or led you astray.


10. South Carolina 7 at North Carolina State 3 (Thurs 9/3 at 4PM PST)
- This game under performed, however I feel South Carolina showed how an SEC team needs to play defense, it is just too bad that a Spurrier led team can’t play offense, very strange.

9. Missouri 37 at Illinois 9 (Sat 9/5 at 12:40PM PST)
-Another poor game, looks like losing Chase Daniels, Jeremy Maclin and Chase Coffman is not a problem for Missouri and what happen to Juice (Illi QB)? This was a poor showing at home Illinois.

8. Maryland 13 at California 52 (Sat 9/5 at 7:00PM PST)
-This continued the first week of poor games, however this game clearly proved that CAL is in a good position to bump USC out of the driver seat of the Pac-10 this year.

7. Miami (FL) 38 at Florida State 34 (Mon 9/7 at 5:00PM PST)
-Best game of the week in my opinion and I think this makes all of college football proud. Two solid programs, two great QB’s, however two weak defenses, will this win put Miami back in the National Championship picture? Not if they lose one of the next three games (Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma).

6. Minnesota 23 at Syracuse 20 (Sat 9/5 at 9AM PST) OT
-Probably the forth best game of the week and it ended in a Paulus INT to lose in OT, had the movie producers been around they would have changed that to a Paulus TD to win in OT, but turns out we have a poor economy and the happy moments are in the Twin Cities for now.

5. Nevada 0 at Notre Dame 35 (Sat 9/5 at 12:30PM PST)
-Could Notre Dame be for real or is Nevada just that bad? This is a great outcome to aid in the promotion of the Michigan game this week, however this game severely under performed in the five slot.

4. Oregon 8 at Boise State 19 (Thurs 9/3 at 7:15PM PST)
-The game wasn’t much to watch, however Blount made the game National News with his post game antics. I really want to know what the DE from Boise State said to him, oh and Boise State will go undefeated this year and make a bowl game.

3. BYU 14 at Oklahoma 13 (Sat 9/5 at 4:00PM PST)
-The “what if’s” gang makes an appearance, what if Bradford did not get hurt? What if Oklahoma’s top WR played? What if…blah, blah, blah, BYU won this game and will now make a run to slip into a BCS Bowl game this year. OU fans better start worrying or planning for next year because their schedule is not getting any easier.

2. Georgia 10 at Oklahoma State 24 (Sat 9/5 at 12:30PM PST)
-I thought this game was ok, however it struggled to keep my attention with only a few big plays deciding the outcome, not exactly what I had in mind for the #2 slot.

1. Alabama 34 at Virginia Tech 24 (Sat 9/5 at 5:00PM PST)
-For the most part this game delivered, Alabama now becomes a contender and we await the start of the SEC schedule for the Crimson Tide.

Teams To Watch List:

Tennessee (New Crazy Coach Kiffin) beats Western Kentucky 63-7 no surprises here.

USC (True Freshman QB) beats San Jose State 56-3 could the 19 year old QB be the answer?

Michigan (Coming off an 8 loss season, over-practicing player’s scandal) beats Western Michigan 31-7 little lower scoring, however this is a huge win heading into the Notre Dame game.

Games We Missed On:

Navy 27 at Ohio State 31: Wow, this game was thrilling if Navy ties this game up at 29, would we have seen a different outcome, this should change the point spread more towards USC’s advantage this week when facing Ohio State.
Northern Iowa 16 at Iowa 17: Two blocked FG’s in a row! You gotta be kidding me Northern Iowa! You blew it! This could have been the upset that nobody called, however it is a “nice shot, better luck next year” game.

Two other games that are worth a mention Baylor over Wake Forest and LSU over Washington, so we missed on 2-4 games, not bad for the first week back.

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