Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NBA: Ricky Rubio Stays In Spain For Two More Years

Who is Ricky Rubio? Why are we talking about a young kid staying Spain? If you are asking this you clearly missed the 2009 NBA Draft this year. The Minnesota Timberwolves decided to draft two PG’s in the first round this year with Ricky Rubio (Pick 5) and Jonny Flynn (Pick 6).

So what happens when a player delays joining a NBA team? Well thanks for asking. The Timberwolves will continue to own the rights to Ricky Rubio, so if any NBA team has interest in Rubio they will have to present a deal that makes sense for them to trade off his rights. This is great for the buzz that Rubio received recently, however will it hold strong as a long term investment or be a waste of a pick with a guy that only wanted to move to the United States if it involved locating to Miami or LA.
This brought to attention famous draft picks that refused to sign with the team that selected them. The most recent example that I can provide is Eli Manning. Eli was drafted by San Diego and then traded to the New York Giants. The Chargers used these picks to bring in Philip Rivers and Shawn Merriman. So who got the last laugh, maybe the Giants with one Super Bowl in the books since the trade or the Chargers with a leader on Offense and Defense? What do you think?

An even deeper dig would be when John Elway was drafted by the Baltimore Colts and then traded to the Denver Broncos. Should I even ask who received the better side of this trade? Baltimore received the following: QB Mark Herrmann, OL Chris Hinton, and OG Ron Solt. Denver enjoyed the two Super Bowl wins I am sure.

So while the two examples provided do not look terribly pretty for the Timberwolves. I guess the hope of new head coach Kurt Rambis is that they will get a trade similar to the Chargers/Giants and far from the Baltimore/Denver deal.

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