Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just to give you an idea of how competitive the NFL is right now six out of our top ten teams lost in Week Two. We went 8-8 for our BUY & SELL predictions and just missed the playoffs; our hope is that Week Two will turn out differently.

Here is an overview on what we called right:

Philadelphia Eagles (SELL) – Lost to New Orleans should rebound with Kansas City scheduled for Week 3.

New Orleans Saints (BUY) – Caught Philly at the right time. This team looks for real after two easy wins.

Indianapolis Colts (BUY) – The good teams always find a way to win and this was the week of the Manning’s proving their value.

Atlanta Falcons (BUY) – This team is strong and the upcoming games against New Orleans will be huge.

Buffalo Bills (BUY) – Buffalo is looking like a solid divisional contender with New England struggling and Miami 0-2. Will this division flip-flop and the Jets and Bills take over the top slots?

Washington Redskins (BUY) – Trying to duplicate the Bengals vs. Denver classic of week one, a win is a win even if you can not score a TD.

Carolina Panthers (SELL) – This team has to be concerned. Their division is getting better and they as a team are getting worse.

St. Louis Rams (SELL) – This can be the Lions (2008) team that we can bet against every week.

Here is an overview on what we missed on:

Pittsburgh Steelers (BUY) – Jeff Reed missed two FG’s and we have a loss against Chicago.

Green Bay Packers (BUY) – Ouch loss to Cincy at home, OchoCinco doing the Lambeau Leap, tough week.

New England Patriots (BUY) – The NY Jets pull this one out and we now need to question whether New England is as good as people think.

Tennessee Titans (BUY) – Where’s the defense? Is Houston that good? This is the best 0-2 NFL team.

New York Jets (SELL) – We thought the Rex Ryan era was overhyped, we were wrong.

Chicago Bears (SELL) – Cutler proves that this team will be as unpredictable as he is.

Houston Texans (SELL) – What a difference a week makes! 34 points put up against Tennessee, once again, are the NY Jets that good?

Cincinnati Bengals (SELL) – Right when we thought the days of Cincy were done and they would give up, CedBen and the Bengals sneak a victory in Green Bay.

NFL Power Rankings
-This is how we like them as of Week Two at www.IFanyoneASKS.com

BIGGEST GAINERS = Houston Texans (+8) & Cincinnati Bengals (+8)
BIGGEST LOSERS = Seattle Seahawks (-7) & Washington Redskins (-7)

1. New York Giants (BUY +5) -@Tampa Bay on SUN, easy win!
2. Baltimore Ravens (BUY +3) -@Cleveland on SUN, easy win!
3. New Orleans Saints (+5) -@Buffalo on SUN, Offensive delight
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) -@Cincinnati on SUN, I like Pitt to rebound
5. Minnesota Vikings (-3) -San Francisco on SUN, Game of the Week?
6. Philadelphia Eagles (-5) -Kansas City on SUN, Rebound game
7. Indianapolis Colts (+3) -@Arizona on SUN, This is a great match-up
8. Atlanta Falcons (+4) -@New England on SUN, It is time to prove it
9. Dallas Cowboys (-5) -Carolina on MON, Romo can you do it?
10. Green Bay Packers (BUY -3) -@St. Louis on SUN, Rebound game
11. San Diego Chargers (=) -Miami on SUN, SD Run Def better be ready
12. Arizona Cardinals (+7) -Indianapolis on SUN, Beautiful match-up of QB’s
13. Tennessee Titans (=) -@NY Jets on SUN, Reversible team records
14. New York Jets (=) -Tennessee on SUN, Must win for the Titans
15. New England Patriots (-6) -Atlanta on SUN, The old vs. the young
16. Miami Dolphins (+6) -@ San Diego on SUN, Wild Cat Fever!
17. Houston Texans (+8) -Jacksonville on SUN, Riding the Texans rollercoaster
18. Chicago Bears (+3) -@ Seattle on SUN, Cutler is picking it up
19. Buffalo Bills (-2) -New Orleans on SUN, Bills Defense must be ready
20. San Francisco 49ers (-5) -@ Minnesota on SUN, Can Gore keep it going?
21. Cincinnati Bengals (+8) -Pittsburgh on SUN, Usually a tough game
22. Carolina Panthers (+1) -@Dallas on SUN, Tough match-up, Barber Injured?
23. Seattle Seahawks (-7) –Chicago on SUN, Hasselbeck’s health is a concern
24. Denver Broncos (+3) -@Oakland on SUN, The worst 2-0 team could be 3-0
25. Washington Redskins (-7) -@ Detroit on SUN, Struggled against St. Louis
26. Jacksonville Jaguars (-6) -@ Houston on SUN, Which Houston will show up
27. Kansas City Chiefs (-3) -@ Philadelphia on SUN, Philly is angry
28. Oakland Raiders (=) -Denver on SUN, Could the Raiders sneak another win?
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (SELL -3) -NY Giants on SUN, Admire the Giants
30. Detroit Lions (+1) -Washington on SUN, this is their chance to get that win
31. Cleveland Browns (SELL -1) -@Baltimore on SUN, this should be a blow-out
32. St. Louis (SELL =) -Green Bay on SUN, GB gave one to Cincy

Score: ESPN 3, IAA 1, Tie 1 (IAA Record 1-3-1)

• Dallas Cowboys (IAA=4, ESPN=13) – ESPN was more right than us on this one; however that game could have went either way.
• New England Patriots (IAA=9, ESPN=2) – IAA wins this one, we had some concerns here.
• Minnesota Vikings (IAA=2, ESPN=8) – We will call this a tie for now.
• Chicago Bears (IAA=21, ESPN=15) – ESPN wins, Chicago beats Pittsburgh.
• Kansas City Chiefs (IAA=24, ESPN=30) – ESPN wins, Kansas City lost to Oakland.

Teams That We Currently Disagree On

• San Francisco 49ers (IAA=20, ESPN=13) – This could go either way based on the outcome at Minnesota. We are a little concerned that SF is better than we think.
• Dallas Cowboys (IAA=9, ESPN=15) – This team almost beat the NY Giants and had it not been for some strange INT's, tune in Monday night.
• New York Jets (IAA=14, ESPN=8) – We are still not comfortable saying the Jets are back, so they will get their chance against Tennessee this week.
• Arizona Cardinals (IAA 12, ESPN 18) – The game this week with Indi will be an entertaining one.

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