Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to Sports Takes By Wade Jay

Welcome to Sports Takes By Wade Jay (Website Birthday 9/1/2009). This will be a place where you can go for information regarding Football, Basketball and a few other sports highlights.

I have served as a contributing writer to www.onmissionSD.com. You can also find me commenting on www.areavoices.com/goethe/ and of course you can find me on Twitter @wadehaviland.

So opening summary aside, I thought it would be a solid first article to highlight the Top Five Reasons "To Follow This Blog" and Top Five Reasons "Not To Follow This Blog" so you can make an informed decision when organizing your bookmarks.

TOP TEN REASONS "To Follow This Blog"

5. You can disagree, criticize and insult the opinions on this blog and it will be appreciated

4. I have tried time and time again not to pay attention to sports and find that it sucks me back in after a short period of rejection, that is the definition of addiction

3. I started playing fantasy football in 6th grade, using newspapers on Monday morning to select a winner amongst my Middle School friends

2. If reviewing sports websites, watching sports on TV and listening to sports radio were a job I would be a California Home Owner or Millionaire (same/same)

1. I change into my favorite sports team jersey when the game is on even if I am at home alone

TOP FIVE REASONS "Not To Follow This Blog"

5. I am not a former NFL QB or NBA PG or even a successful NCAA athlete, so it may be hopeless to consider a job at ESPN or a major sports network

4. I am not a journalist with a fancy Harvard degree and do not have any published work floating around on Amazon.com

3. I take credit for a father that played football for The U (Miami), two brothers that play/played football for Minnesota (Gophers) and a sister that was a swimmer/diver at West Point (Army), yet do not have any on field experience past high school

2. I'm sort of a homer when it comes to Minnesota and San Diego sports, so if you hate both area sports this could be your first place to get rid of the "Mondays" before your morning coffee

1. I enjoy statistics and predictions, so there will be some high level algorithms that may be interesting only to Math geeks and Financial Analysts

In summary, if you can look past my shortcomings and elevate my advantages I look forward to spending five minutes or less a day with your morning website checks delaying productive work time. Welcome to the website and please share this link if you like or hate it to anyone that cares.

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